Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Dear Rapid,
Just a short note to say “THANK YOU” for all of your help with my Rapid X1 and getting us started in digital labels. Federal Barcode and Label started out 27 years ago doing blank laser and inkjet label sheets. As with most label companies, things progress into different areas of the business and sometimes move out of the original market they start in. In our case, everyone else moved into our area (laser and inkjet sheets). The big boys can play rough when they insist on dominating a market, leaving very little profit for the rest of us. 

We have always been in the small quantity, short-run end of the label printing and cutting, but have never had an effective way to do a quality job at a reasonable cost in the format (rolls) that many of our customers prefer, UNTIL NOW. Since purchasing our Rapid X1, we can now give our customers the roll labels they request and in full color. Under the economic conditions of today, many customers are asking for smaller quantities due to market conditions (end of product life, private labeling, new product uncertainty or just limiting inventory). They want a quality label and not the expense of thousands of labels sitting on the shelf. 

A customer recently came to me (that was using a label company with an HP Indigo) and made a remark that the quality of the Rapid X label was better than he was getting wit the Indigo. The Rapid X is higher resolution (1600 x 1600) than the Indigo (812 x 812) and it doesn’t have a minimum print area of 7.9 x 13, NOR A CLICK CHARGE. Rapid X is also faster at 60 feet per minute compared to the Indigo’s 52 feet per minute, can run precut labels unlike Degrava, Primera laser or Indigo and has much smaller minimum web width than any of the other printers. 


Josiah, there are so many pluses with this machine, this letter cannot take them all in. Speed, quality, ease of use, no printing plates, quick set up and the fun of watching customers eyes light up seeing their labels being printed. 

I didn’t have the half million dollars required for an Indigo and finishing unit, but I really feel I have gotten a million dollars worth of value with the Rapid X1. I’m really having fun again in the label business.

I appreciate your help. You have a really great machine!

Very truly yours,
Jim J.
Federal Barcode and Label



Impression Technology Americas,

We are writing this to relay our experience thus far with the Rapid X1. As the first company in Canada with this technology and one of the first in the Americas, we were very excited to see how the Memjet technology in the Rapid X1 would help our business. We are pleased to say that we couldn’t be more satisfied with the machine and its capability and performance. The ability to print one to thousands of labels through any design software program has allowed us to fill the requirements of all of our customers. From samples to complete runs, the Rapid X1 has been a critical piece of equipment and is an important factor in our continued success. When it comes to digital inkjet printing, we know that the service and support from Rapid Label Systems, along with the versatility and performance of the Rapid X1, has assured us that we made the right decision by purchasing your system. We look forward to our continued relationship and mutual success!


Michel L




Hello Jeff Moeller here I have worked for Great White Bottling for about 6 yearsnow. I work on creative process of making labels from an idea to print. The Rapid X1printer is easy to setup and straight out of the box fast. The amount of detail isimpressive. I have worked with toner based printers and the quality of print is no wherenear as close to the Rapid X1, this printer has met and exceeded my expectations. Theuser interface is easy to understand and straight up forward. The fact that you can get areal time ink cost is great for business. Other ink printers simply can’t keep up with1600x1600 quality and speed.

Excellent printer thanks Rapid X1!

Jeff M.

Rapid X1 Labe1 Printer

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